Our most popular moulding types

We can work with almost any type of wood. But also, MDF (medium density fibreboard) materials. So let us know if you need a custom solution.

Wood uses much less energy in production and processing, making its carbon footprint significantly lower than its fossil-fuel based counterparts.

Here’s how EHL Profiles Group stands out among alternative manufacturers:

  • Most our materials are sourced locally, reducing production chain length.
  • Using a mixed variety of woods in our daily projects, including (but not limited to) pine, spruce, oak, ash, beech.
  • 2000+ unique profiles
  • Can work with almost any type of wood, including MDF
  • Various types of finishings available


In pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, we continue to carefully source the different types of wood we use in our production. As trees absorb CO2 from our atmosphere, they store the carbon and release clean oxygen back for everybody to enjoy. We love that aspect of wood, and it’s no longer a question about “if and when”, we must act today to create a more sustainable future for the generations that follow. All parts of our production follow this principle.

Save time and let us take care of all your products and finishings at our facilities

So far, the most popular finishing for wooden mouldings is a white coat of paint:

  • In Scandinavia and the Baltics: NCS S 0502-Y and S 0500-N
  • In Central Europe: RAL9003, RAL9010 and RAL9016

We also have the capability of mixing your desired custom colour based on a sample or colour code.

In addition to paint, it’s also possible to finish using primers (toned or transparent), varnish (toned or transparent) or stain the mouldings.