we are the manufacturer of interior mouldings.

Let´s grow together

What makes us unique?

Among the largest wooden moulding producers in Europe, EHL Profiles Group manufactures premium quality wooden mouldings in Estonia, Norway, and Sweden for the global market.

EHL Profiles Group is owned by Pomona Gruppen AB – a family-run company from 1986. For us, stability is a core value – not just in terms of balance sheets and strategies – but also in leadership. We have an international production and distribution network with:

  • 30 years of experience
  • 80m annual turnover
  • Presence in 20+ countries

What we believe in?

  • Client input & expertise
  • Never-ending innovation
  • Lasting partnerships
  • Employee- and client-first leadership
  • Local manufacturing & representation, with a global presence

We strongly believe in keeping our promises. Our more than 250 key partners and happy customers in Scandinavia, Europe, and the Baltics can attest to this.

To further increase our global presence, and for a more localized footprint, we are continually investing in future growth, innovation, and service lines. It makes us truly accessible for our international and strategic partnerships.

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